Top 10: Sodobne mame “Instagramerke”

To je Etiketinih 10 najljubših mamic, ki Instagram polnijo s čudovitimi družinskimi fotografijami....

Poklic mame je zagotovo eden najtežjih na svetu in dejansko mu lahko rečemo “poklic”, saj smo na preži 24 ur na dan, 7 dni v tednu. Svet se spreminja in prav s pojavom družbenih omrežij so se zgodili veliki premiki. Vse več mamic sledi zadnjim modnim trendom, je v neverjetni formi že nekaj mesecev po porodu in po fotografijah ter sledilcih sodeč je “instagram mama” postal dober poklic. Fotografije otrok in mamic so za sledilce privlačne in verjamite, da dobra instagram fotografija ni naključje, ampak je vanjo vloženega veliko truda, premišljenega izbora stajlingov in lokacij. Tokrat smo izbrali nekaj najljubših mamic, ki jih pozna ves svet. Kmalu pa vam predstavimo tudi nekaj domačih zvenečih imen, ki s svojimi objavami dosegajo zavidljive številke všečkov in sledilcev.

a girl, her pup, and big dreams. ✨+

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We’re all sick and under-slept and kind of stressed out, but they’re doing what they can to help. ☀️ A post shared by Amelia Markgraf (@ameliamarthelia) on

To be completely honest with you, Mother’s Day the past little while hasn’t been my favorite. While being completely honored and grateful for my sacred role as a mother, this day seems to always remind me of all my short comings, and ways I feel like I’m failing as a mother. When my kids gave me hand written notes with nice sentiments and messages to me, I questioned if they really thought that of me. Is that really how they see me? Because all I could see were the times were I have lost my cool, or wasn’t able to be there for them, or nagged them for the millionth time to pick up their stuff. ‍♀️ I think the thing that has brought me the most joy in motherhood is to see these little babies of mine become their own little people. Able and independent, smart, caring and good. And, most of all easy to forgive and see past my imperfections, choosing to see and remember the good. I feel privileged to have learned so much from them during my ten years as a mother, and while each day isn’t always the best. Each of my best memories involves them. And, while I’m being honest here, I also feel the need to share with you that all three children were threatened in the making of this photo. ☺️‍♀️ Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you who nurture, who love, who keep trying even– no especially — when it feels too hard. That makes you all a true mother in my book. . . . . . . #socality #thepursuitofjoyproject #habitandhome #acolorstory #folkgood #documentlife #lovethelittlethings #simplemoments #liveauthentic #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #bedeeplyrooted #sharegoodness #utsfg #wearethepeoplemag #our_everyday_moments #uniteinmotherhood

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Our blonde hair baby.

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