Najbolj ‘instagenični’ slovenski kraji

To so najbolj slavni slovenski biseri na Instagramu.

Instagram je s svojimi 600 milijoni uporabnikov mesečno in bleščečimi fotografijami magičnih krajev po svetu postal prava vaba za turiste. Neka raziskava je denimo pokazala, da že skoraj polovica ljudi naslednjo turistično destinacijo izbere preko tega priljubljenega družabnega omrežja, ki je zlasti za milenijce postal navdih in usmeritev za izbiro naslednje počitniške destinacije. In kateri slovenski biseri so najbolj insta slavni? Med destinacijami z največ všečki prevladujejo Bled, Ljubljana, Piran, Bohinjsko jezero, Velika Planina, dolina reke Soče in Ptuj, v ospredje pa prihajajo tudi nekateri bolj skriti biseri Slovenije, kot sta denimo Perniško jezero ali pa denimo Sorško polje.

Lake reflections 👀 (📷: @nesimenur)

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@feelslovenia shared their country’s iconic views with #BDTeam @jamesrelfdyer and @jacob making the European charm and relaxed Mediterranean feel of each city a must-see. “The town of Piran is filled to the brim with beauty! From the azure watered harbour scattered with colourful row boats, to the main Square of Tartini and its pastel houses, we wandered through the maze of alleyways. St. George’s Church sits in the heart; after climbing it’s wooden stairway we reached an open-air viewing platform amongst the chiming bells! The panoramic views were spectacular; every red rooftop lit up in the sun’s glow as it sunk below the horizon into the Mediterranean.” Follow @feelslovenia to learn more and book your next adventure! (📷: @beautifuldestinations’ @jamesrelfdyer)

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Bohinj Lake by @gregorskobernephotography. . Selected by @zokus_gf, cofounder of @igslovenia. If you ask us, Lake Bohinj is the most beautifil lake in Slovenia. Or at least … one of them. Tucked under some amazing mountains, hidden away from main roads and traffic, with mostly some crazy weather (rain, sun, fog, snow, wind … you name it … Bohinj has it:) the place is amazing! Even if it is crowded you can find a place to swim, you can rent a boat or just to enjoy walking around the lake. / Tag #igslovenia and include location for a chance to be featured. ========================================================= For more information about Slovenia check our page & follow us also on Facebook & Twitter! A post shared by Slovenia (@igslovenia) on

  Velika planina by @astroman6. Selected by @sanya_lt, founder of @igslovenia. Velika planina is a platue (1666m high) in Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Thanks to exceptional nature and heritage of herdsmen, Velika planina is considered to be the most beautiful alpine pasture in Slovenia. It can be reached either on foot or by the cable car, which operate all year round. The most vibrant is the summertime, when herdsmen bring their cattle to graze there. The only hut in the herdsmen’s settlement to preserve a traditional oval shape is Preskar’s Hut. It has been arranged into a museum. Worth visiting is also the Chapel of Mary of the Snows, where the midnight mass is held each year on Christmas Eve. You can also buy and taste many dairy products, which are produced by the herders on the mountain, including sour milk or trnič hard cheese. Info by ================================== . For more information about Slovenia check our page & follow us also on Facebook & Twitter!   A post shared by Slovenia (@igslovenia) on

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